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SoМo – technologies in marketing, PR (Public Relations) and custom development
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Why us?

Due to artificial intelligence we analyzed more than 100 million posts and news in the Internet searching for the best ways of protection of the reputation.

We help brands and public figures to cope with information threats and build their own information companies with mathematical precision

Over 10000 company services users
Monitoring 24/7 with over 40000 online mass media
Accuracy 85-90%. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Analyze over 50000 news an hour
About 500 million messages archive
Over 50 years of team experience
Our products
Get fast access to mentions on the Internet, the press, television, social networks, radio, forums and blogs.
SoMo bot
Control reputation, analyze competitors and find mentions of your brand immediately
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SoMo system
Find mentions of yourself and your brand with the access to archive information
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Sociology bot
Sociology bot
Professional telegram-constructor of surveys and tests, which can quickly and easily collect and analyze information about your market, the opinion of your customers and employees
The Center for Content Analysis
The Center for Content Analysis
Find out everything that happens with you or your company in media. Receive complete information analysis of your communications and get professional guidance
On security guard
Custom solutions
Information security
Give access to information published by anonymous users on many platforms in resources Darkweb
Personal security
Increase your personal security in the Internet, protecting your personality. Create your digital account together with us
Streaming TV
Stay within information security with the help of “real time” TV monitoring